Neil Walker Photography – Sussex Wedding Photographer

“I believe that people look their best when they don’t know they’re being photographed”

Hi, I’m Neil, I’m a professional Sussex wedding photographer, I also shoot a lot of weddings in London & throughout the South East & internationally.

I see your wedding day as a chance to tell your story, naturally and without fuss. I believe it’s better told through observing you and your guests, not through a list of “essential” staged shots. Apart from some beautiful shots of the two of you and some formal group shots, I strongly believe the best way to get great photographs at your wedding is to work in the background so that people don’t know they are being photographed.

I work with the available light rather than against it, the soft filtered light on a cloudy day can be as beautiful as the light on a clear blue day if it’s used in the right way. Acting as a huge soft box, the clouds give lovely soft light that gives gorgeous skin tones, something I’m looking to maximise in your photos. Of course the clear strong light on a lovely sunny day is beautiful too! Even rainy days can be fantastic by working with the weather and not against it, particularly using the fast lenses I like.

 Wedding Portfolios

West Sussex Wedding Photographer

Sussex Weddings

West Sussex Wedding Photographer Most of the weddings I shoot as a West Sussex Wedding Photographer are here in my

London Weddings

  London Wedding Photographer London was where it all started for me as a wedding photographer, it boasts some of the

Indian Wedding Photographer

Indian Weddings

Indian Wedding Photographer Indian weddings really are a fantastic opportunity for a wedding photographer. Apart from

Italy Wedding Photographer

Italian Weddings

Italy Wedding Photographer I’ve been lucky enough to shoot quite a few weddings in Italy. It has that wonderful

Barn Weddings

Barn Weddings Barn Weddings   Sussex has a wonderful array of barns to choose from for your wedding venue. They

Recent Weddings

Have a look through some recent weddings I’ve shot. You’ll hopefully find some inspiration for your own wedding! These wedding galleries will give you a really good idea of my style and use of natural light. It’s a good idea to look through lots of full wedding days as it really shows the consistency of my work, as well as the way I like to not only document your wedding day, but also capture all the little emotional moments that are so often missed. The ones that show what you were really feeling, the fleeting glances and the touches that mean so much on the day, but are forgotten moments later. I like to capture those moments so you will remember them every time you look at your wedding photographs many years later.

groom being thrown up on a sheet by wedding guests

Dancing – Why I Love this Wedding Photograph

Wedding Dancing Why I Love this Wedding Photograph Intense wedding dancing Photographing dancing at a Jewish wedding

the bridal party walking to the ceremony

Selden Barn Wedding Photographer – Jasmine & Jared

Selden Barn Wedding Photographer – Jasmine & Jared Selden Barn Wedding You couldn’t get more nestled

the bridegroom getting emotional while waiting for his bride

Waiting – Why I love this Wedding Photograph

Waiting Why I love this Wedding Photograph   Waiting for his bride I see this moment at most weddings, everyone

bride arriving at church

Findon Marquee Wedding – Polly & Alex

Findon Marquee Wedding – Polly & Alex Sussex Documentary Wedding Photography The stunningly beautiful Sussex

Institute of Contemporary Arts wedding – Harry & Victor

Institute of Contemporary Arts wedding – Harry & Victor What happened on the day? Harry &

a bride waiting to go into the wedding ceremony

Anticipation – why I love this wedding picture

Wedding Anticipation Why I love this wedding picture Getting Ready Kelli had been getting ready & was the picture

Featured Wedding Venues

I’ve shot ceremonies & receptions at a huge range of wedding venues, from Westminster & Southwark cathedrals in London, to Basilica’s in Italy & from The Savoy & Waldorf in London, to marquees, barns & the back rooms of pubs in Sussex. Weddings vary enormously in size, from the wedding I shot at the Ritz with seven people, to an Indian wedding I shot at Gibson Hall with over 650 people. I’m recommended by The Queen’s House in Greenwich, The ICA on The Mall, 116 Pall Mall, The BMA, London Zoo, The Trafalgar Tavern in Greenwich as well as Farbridge & The Ravenswood on my home ground as a Sussex wedding photographer.

Queen’s House Weddings

Queen’s House Weddings Here are some Queen’s House weddings I’ve shot The Queen’s House,

The front of Farbridge Wedding Venue

Farbridge Weddings

Farbridge Weddings Here are some weddings I’ve shot at Farbridge: A Bit of Information About Farbridge Farbridge

Horsted Place Weddings

Horsted Place Weddings Horsted Place Weddings have all the elegance of a Victorian English country house, coupled with

The Ravenswood exterior

Ravenswood Weddings

Here are some Ravenswood weddings I’ve shot The Ravenswood is a great place to shoot for a Sussex wedding

Slaugham Place exterior shot

Slaugham Place Weddings

Slaugham Place Weddings Here are some weddings I’ve shot at Slaugham Place   Just south of London, this

Findon Manor weddings

Findon Manor weddings Here are some Findon Manor weddings I’ve shot Findon Manor weddings are at the heart of